Mass Independent party
Mission Statement
The Massachusetts Independent Party, The next Major Party

With the current state of Political and Economic turmoil, there is a wave of finger pointing towards, and between the two existing major political parties. The growing discontent due to the lack of problem solving and continued Partisanship is leading to what may be described as a populist uprising, resulting in the emergence of "outsider Candidates" running for public office.

The primary focus has taken shape as protests and a grassroots groundswell for a new type of leadership.
It has become increasingly clear that the people no longer believe that the two major parties, Republican and Democrat can act in a bi-partisan way  to reverse the current trend in our country. Both parties are responsible for the recessing economy, the degradation of the healthcare system, and the skyrocketing national unemployment rate among the middle and working class people.

There is a world of difference in creating The MASSACHUSETTS INDEPENDENT PARTY  or simply building another third party. There are many valid third parties out there, and they are usually built upon one or two issues. However a viable third party should have a much broader base and range. The two existing major parties are well established and very well funded machines. The Massachusetts Independent Party should be home to Independents that wish to run for public office. The idea of a third major party is to threaten the status quo.

An independent third party should be for those who do not agree with the concept of a party platform, that encourages a candidate to campaign on unwavering party positions. A Partisan stand. On social issues that displaces moderate voters, who want to change the culture in our state. If the extremes rule the day, true independents know that reasonable discourse,true problem solving and compromise will not be possible.
We can have a left-right-center coalition of Independent organization throughout the state. This is the approach we must take to forge and build a new Independent party.

Party building is a process. Building a new major party will take hard work. Most importantly, it will take commitment and it will take grassroots people to pull it together.
Mass Independent party
Mass Independent party